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Current HADR scenarios for SAP BI powered by SAP HANA are not released so far for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA!

As a result of SAP information from DSAG technology days neither Scale-Out nor System Replication is currently certified for customer to use for SAP-Suite on HANA.

System Replication as warm disaster recovery solution additional to “cold” storage replication is now supported for BI on HANA, but not yet finally implemented by the HW vendors.

As first HADR scenario for SAP Business Suite on HANA customer can implement a small solution for two single node installations as system replication solution.

Of course SAP is working on this topic, you can find some additional information (but not all) in SAP Note 1755396 “Released DT solutions for SAP HANA with disk replication”, all information is just available by contacting your hardware vendor and SAP directly.

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